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What Are Directional Signages and What Are Their Benefits?


 Directional signages in the Philippines can be split into two categories: indoor and outdoor. Indoor directional signages are often seen in large establishments such as malls and hospitals, to help people navigate through multiple floors and hallways. Some of the most common uses of these are for directions to elevators, restrooms, and parking lots, but it differs from one kind of establishment to another.

Outdoor directional signages are placed in accessible areas such as main roads and serve as a marker and guide to a particular destination. Without these signages, they will be wasting a lot of time trying to get from one place to another without any directions. However, while it may appear that they serve no other purpose than to guide people in getting to where they need to go, this isn’t the case. Directional signages, while not featured as prominently as company logos, are nevertheless still a part of your brand identity.  


How do directional signages affect your brand in the Philippines?


If you think about it, creating a basic directional signage just for the purpose of providing directions can be done with just a sheet of paper, some tape, and a marker. It can be done by anyone, and it’s completely inexpensive. Why don’t companies just do this? The answer is because directional signages, even when they don’t contain the name or logo of your brand, still play an important part in your overall identity. They are still representatives of your brand image, and what people think of them also affects what people think of you.

Want an easy example? Imagine trying to visit a high-end condominium, and you suddenly find that their signage just outside the vicinity is very badly made. Would you still be 100% certain that it really is high-end? Obviously not. This is why it’s still important to make sure that your directional signages are very well-made. They are still part of your brand, and contribute to imposing uniformity and attention to detail, both of which are vital professional characteristics.  


Having difficulty finding a good directional signage designer? No worries.


A deep understanding of how brand identities work, creative talent and skill, and experience working with recognized clients—these are the things that you should consider when looking for directional signage design services. But why not save yourself time and go for an easier—and better—option: Acton.

We have all these characteristics, and we’re dedicated to helping you establish and grow your brand through our superb signage designs. Ready to start building your brand identity? Talk to us.


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