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Wall Sticker Designs: A Simple Yet Elegant Way to Boost Brand Image in the Philippines


Wall stickers provide a variety of ways to decorate your office and help in creating your unique brand identity. There are plenty of possible wall sticker designs that you can create based on existing ideas. You can even opt to go completely original and come up with your very own design.

Wall stickers aren’t as permanent as wall murals, but that doesn’t limit their capability in terms of creative appeal at all. In fact, wall stickers are much easier to apply, can be placed anywhere, and are less expensive than wall murals.

These benefits make them an easy choice when you want to add character to your office or personal space. You can install them quickly and without making a mess, without losing any of their visual appeal.


What are the advantages of using wall stickers in the Philippines?


Wall stickers work very similarly to wall murals, except they are easier and faster to install. In wall murals, professional artists are required to have them painted on your wall. Wall stickers, on the other hand, can be done by anyone and takes significantly less time.

Compared to wall murals, wall stickers are cheaper to produce. Professional services can be understandably expensive, whereas wall stickers only need to be printed out and stuck to the desired area. You can produce a number of wall stickers based on a single wall sticker design and get the same exact image on each copy. Wall murals, while superior due to being done by art professionals, are much more difficult to replicate if you’re planning to distribute the design to more than one wall or room.

Finally, wall stickers allow you to redecorate your room easier if you’re looking to make changes to your brand identity. Replacing wall murals will require them to be painted over, left to dry, then painted over with the new design again. Wall stickers are as simple as removing the old sticker, cleaning or repainting the wall, then sticking the new one once dry.


Why you should trust us with your wall sticker designs


When it comes to design services and building your brand identity, only trust the best. We at Acton specialize not only in creating designs that will stand out and are memorable, but also in helping you establish and grow your brand.

With our extensive knowledge of brand identity and experience in working with high-profile clients, we can guarantee you that we will make designs that will perfectly resonate with your brand.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Talk to us.


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